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Proteomics Data Analysis

Let us worry about processing your raw mass spectrometry data files. We’ll set up an upload and work with you to determine the best data processing solution for your experiment. We are mass spectrometer vendor-neutral and have experience with many of the leading tools.

Building Mass Spectral Libraries

At SGI, we believe that mass spectral libraries are the perfect way to preserve prior knowledge of your sample. We build libraries which you can use to add sensitivity and confidence to any workflow and for any sample.

Software development (commercial and open source)

From custom modules for your pipelines or existing tools to entirely new software applications designed in a “clean room”, our programmers will work with you to carefully gather technical specifications and develop a robust software solution to your scientific needs.

Contract research

How does software tool X compare to software tool Y? Maybe you are considering changing your workflow. We can help support your decision with objective research you can use.


We can give your project a boost by working alongside your team in any capacity. Our specialties range from experimental design to preparing data for publication. We can provide valuable input to save you time and money.

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What skills do our projects use?

Computer programming


Proteome informatics


Building mass spectral libraries


Building mass spectrometry data analysis pipelines


Statistics and biomarker discovery


Who we are

We have more than 15 years experience in proteome informatics, molecular biology and microbiology. We believe that proteomics has promises to keep, and that good data analysis can lead the way. We want to help our clients by developing the best quality data services available. We specialize so you don’t have to.